davieThank you for visiting Gameofthronesonlineslots.com. My name is David Saunders. I, along with my friends, Maria Calmett, Darcy Ryan and Brian Stevens, formed this site to extend our fan club to others who are as enthusiastic as we are about Game of Thrones and the new slot that will be released later this year. I’m a 34 year old web designer. I currently live in Miami, Florida. I’ve been a huge fan of the Game of Thrones television series since it began in 2011. I am also an avid collector of memorabilia. My Game of Throne figurines now includes every available character. Another one of my favorite activities is playing online slots. I was delighted to hear that I would soon be able to enjoy an adventure into the Game of Thrones with online slots.

Marie Calmett is 35 and the manager of a retail gift store here in Miami. She is first to know about many new Game of Thrones memorabilia items when they are released. Marie informs fan club members when items go on sale so they can buy them at a discount. She also organizes games for our fan club such as poker, bingo and blackjack. Fan club members often play tokens that they can exchange for Game of Thrones memorabilia, video games or books.
Darcy Ryan is a 34 year old magazine editor. Darcy keeps abreast of the latest news on Game of Thrones episodes, characters and awards nominations for the show. She publishes a weekly newsletter for our fan club with updates. Darcy has contributed greatly to Gameofthronesonlineslots.com through her research and writing.

Brian Stevens is 36 years old and a co-worker of mine. He is the systems administrator at the firm where I work. Brian and I originally formed the local fan club which meets once each month at the community center where he lives. He coordinates events for the fan club, orders refreshments and handles all of the technical aspects for Gameofthronesonlineslots.com such as hosting.
Our Game of Thrones fan club has grown to more than 30 members. We meet the last Friday of each month. The community center is equipped with a large screen where members often watch repeats of their favorite episodes and discuss events. We host games and give away prizes. Upon hearing of the Game of Thrones slot that is expected to be released later this year, the fan club members decided that a web site would be an excellent way to interact with fans in other locations. We hope you enjoy your visit.