Arya Stark

Arya StarkOne of the most inspiring characters portrayed on Game of Thorns is Arya Stark. Arya is the third of Eddard and Catelyn Stark’s five children. She was nine years old when the Game of Thorns first began as a television series. The character is independent and wild spirited. She is less interested in pursuing the womanly arts of the time than exploring and fighting. The character is quite adept with a sword and riding. Arya is extremely crafty and quick tempered. Her small and unassuming appearance often allows her to best her enemies. Arya possesses an extremely strong character as she has exhibited through her many trials and tribulations.
Arya is an extremely admired and popular character. She is featured in many Game of Thrones collectibles. Her image has been fashioned into figurines as a vivacious warrior bearing a sword in her hand. Arya is displayed on trading cards and posters to celebrate one of the Game of Thorns favorite characters. Many fans create depictions of Arya during her various adventures. She is also a favorite among role playing games where fans dress in costumes to resemble her. Arya’s strength and determination make her one of the most adored characters in in the Game of Thrones, and she has inspired a great deal of art and memorabilia.


Arya’s many adventures have captivated audiences over the history of the program. Her various travels frequently lead to confrontations with devious characters where she must battle her way to freedom. In other escapades, she is captured, and audiences are awed by the cunning and wit she exhibits during her escape. Through various scenes she helps her cohorts escape treachery and fights to protect the innocent. During Arya’s service in the House of Black and White, she is blinded. The hardship she experiences during her training further exemplifies the tremendous tenacity of the character.
The Game of Throne slots might incorporate some of the scenes from Arya’s adventures. Players might spin to collect symbols depicting her sword, Needle, to gain prizes or free spins. A wild symbol may be fashioned in the likeness of the silver coin Arya was given by Jaqen. Players might enter into the House of Black and White to obtain additional awards. Arya is truly one of the most extraordinary characters in the Game of Throne television program and we hope to see her best online casino games soon. Elements from her role in the series would greatly enhance the Game of Throne slots.